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Left_quoteOpen Tapestry is a great tool for authoring and delivering courses online.Right_quote

-Tom Caswell, Ed.S., Director of Instructional Design, WGU

Open Tapestry in Four Steps



Discover a whole world of free and open resources relevant to the topic you teach.



Add any web element (video, pictures, quizzlets, Google Docs, widgets and more) to an already existing course or create a new one.



Deliver your course online through an easy-to-use interface that increases learner engagement.



Get in-depth analytics on all materials you present - including 3rd party websites and resources.

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Grey_checkmark Most Useful To (Learners) (Individual Educators) (Organizations)
Magnifying_glass Discover and Curate Content Green_checkmark Green_checkmark Green_checkmark
Paperclip Clip and Weave Media Green_checkmark Green_checkmark
Head Social Community Green_checkmark Green_checkmark Green_checkmark
Inbox Google Drive Integration Green_checkmark Green_checkmark Green_checkmark
Paper Automated License Reports Green_checkmark Green_checkmark Green_checkmark
Computer Page Builder Green_checkmark Green_checkmark
Canvas_logo Canvas Integration Green_checkmark Green_checkmark
Heart Priority Customer Support Green_checkmark Green_checkmark
Analytic Analytics Green_checkmark
Graduate Publish Courses Online Green_checkmark Green_checkmark
Gear Custom Theme & Domain Green_checkmark
Lock Password Protected Green_checkmark
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Take a Look Under the Hood

Discover Content

Use the Open Tapestry search tools to find the perfect content to build your course. Also search large databases of open content, all from inside Open Tapestry.


Curate Content

Instructional content can be gathered from anywhere on the web using our clipping and weaving tools. You can choose whether to clip a specific sections of a webpage to eliminate ads and distractions or weave the whole webpage for learners to view and navigate.

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Create Your Own Content

Easily build custom pages using a simple WYSIWYG editor. Add in text, pictures, links, videos and more, with just a few simple clicks. Adjust layout and design on-the-fly.


Enrich Courses with Multimedia

Open Tapestry supports almost any type of media, such as videos, images, pdfs, flash, html 5, applets and Google docs from any source on the web. Just drag and drop into any tapestry or onto any page.

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Deliver the Course Online

Course delivery has never been easier. Rather than linking away from the course, all outside materials and links are now displayed inside one easy-to-use learning environment. A powerful, but discrete toolbar gives learners the ability to take part in discussions, complete tasks, take notes, and see their overall progress throughout the course.


Canvas_logoDeliver Inside Canvas

(pro and premium users)

Combine the power of Open Tapestry with the convenience of Canvas. Make your existing Canvas materials more interactive and engaging, or build new Open Tapestry materials easily - right inside Canvas. Insert content that you and others have gathered from the web directly into course modules with the click of a button. Watch this short video to see if for yourself.


Tasks, Quizzes, and Progress Measurement

(pro and premium)

Assign tasks and add quizzes to any learning module in Open Tapestry. Frequent tasks and quizzes help the learner stay engaged, check comprehension and help with understanding. Track usage data on any content that is shared with learners.


Discussion Tools

Courses and tapestries are equipped with powerful discussion tools such as Disqus, IntenseDebate, Skype, and Open Study to allow learners to ask questions, communicate with other learners and instructors, and comment on information.


Online Textbooks

With the Open Tapestry, you have the ability to draw from every type of instructional resource, including online books. Instructional courses often use online books for learners to read and complete the activities. Instructors can provide additional instruction by adding text, images, and other media to the book.



Traditional analytics only show activity on web pages that you host. Open Tapestry lets you track usage data on all content you share, including third party websites. Use this data to measure learner engagement and evaluate learning resources.


Password Protection & HTTPS Security

Secure your version of Open Tapestry behind password so that your organization can share content privately. Transmit data securely using HTTPS.


Organizational Branding

Become a premium member to customize the design and layout of the toolbar to include the look of your organization or website.


Administrator Settings

As an administrator you can generate license reports, change settings, manage permissions, and customize the appearance of your instance of Open Tapestry.


License Tracking

Open Tapestry keeps track of content licenses for all the content that is clipped, weaved, or added into a Tapestry. Instructors have the ability to view content license reports that show the original source, the author, and the type of license. Administrators can use these reports to enforce policies regarding copyright and other content use policies, as well as keep them and their learners legally safe.


Single Sign-On

Open Tapestry is up-to-date with all the latest web and learning standards, including LTI. This allows us to communicate effectively with other systems like Canvas, making it easier for learners to access online courses.